Ringing In The New Year….Kinda

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So today is the second day of 2011.  Today is the last day of my holiday vacation, I go back to work tomorrow.  And I look back over my break and I think, “What have I accomplished?”

The answer is, a big fat bunch of nothing.

I don’t get it.  Before the break started I was overjoyed.  Filled to bursting with all of the ideas for art projects and sculptures.  The break hits, and it started out pretty good.  I got most of my Christmas shopping done way in advance, got everything wrapped. Got the Christmas tree out and half the lights put up and then…


Everyone who was going to get a hand made presents has nothing since I didn’t make anything.  Instead, they got something bought.  The Christmas tree is still sitting with half the lights put up.

There are no new Little Mysteries.  In fact, the old Little Mysteries haven’t even been painted or finished.  I have lovely new sketchbooks that I haven’t cracked open.  Where did all my drive go?

Maybe it is because I got sick and haven’t yet shaken this energy sapping cold.  Maybe it is because I keep having bad dreams.  Hell, maybe I just caught the lazy bug.  I don’t know, but the thought of even sketching something hasn’t appealed to me at all.  In fact, I just realized that I haven’t even returned phone calls. How suck is that?

I have lovely photos of the lunar eclipse on the 21st.  Haven’t posted them.  I have wonderful pictures of Christmas.  Haven’t posted those either.  In fact, I was ten minutes late sending out Happy New Year messages on New Years Eve, a first, ever. 

And so, in an attempt to break out of the funk, I made myself start a new sketchbook.  And I did not let myself use anything to color in it except pencil, ink, and natural dyes.  So I now have pictures painted with coffee, raspberry and blackberry juices, and cilantro.  It smells nice and is interesting to look at, and maybe, I will post some pictures later. 

But not today.  Today I am just trying to recover.  Looks beter than Tuesday though.


TRF 2010

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I went today with B and Spacie and their baby gargie to the big Ren Faire out near Houston, TRF. There weren’t as many neat costumes this year as there were last year, but there were still some good ones. More of that in a minute.

This is becoming a tradition with us, the after Thanksgiving shop for odd things at the Ren Faire goodness (since it is the last weekend and everything is on sale, for the most part), and I love it. Last year I got all kinds of good Christmas presents. This year, since I am mostly done with my Christmas shopping, I got a couple of stocking stuffers, and some really neat wooden roses to put on top of packages, and that was it for Christmas things.

I did get the nicest hand made leather sketchbook with this wonderful cotton rag paper that is designed to roll up for easy handling, and when unrolled, lays flat. It is roughly, 12 by 18 flat, so a good size, nice and big for the art, and the paper is a good tooth for art goodness. I will post pictures of it over in the Dreamwood, where I should be spooging over art.

And B got me a stunning skull and cross bones toboggan to keep my head warm since it was awfully cool out this morning:

There were a TON of faeries running around this year. Last year I only saw two or three, but this year they were coming out of the woodwork. You couldn’t even turn around without running over a faerie. Most were not very good, and a lot of the really neat costumes were worn by little old ladies (which was awesome, but they glared a lot or were gone by the time I got my camera out so I didn’t get any pictures of them). My favorite was the red headed faerie with the green wings:

And then there was the wood sprite that would stand by trees like a big cicada and blend in:

There was also the woman in the dragon costume:

And the jolly troll woman who was doing bead work:

And the best Santa I have seen in quite some time:

It was a very nice day, and now on to the painting of the new Little Mysteries.

No Internet Access

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So, I have moved, and in moving, have lost internet access. This means that there will not be a lot of blog posts until I get access again. There will be posts this weekend, though, as I am visiting B and Spacie and their lovely little baby gargie, who is almost 11 months old now, and smart as a whip. She is so awesome, I love her.

Also, as soon as I set up the lights and take the pictures, there will be new things over at the Dreamwood, and things up on the deviantART page.

The Gulf Breeze Zoo

•August 14, 2010 • 1 Comment

We woke up this morning to rain and thunderstorms.

So……we went out into the ocean anyway.

The rain hits harder on the beach.  It felt like getting hit with small hail stones, and it was cold.  So, we went into the ocean to avoid the cold, and got tossed around in the surf.  I got my feet cut up and bruised, and a bruise on my shoulder from getting slammed into the beach by the waves, but, WOW, was it fun. There is oil in the ocean, it comes in in little balls of ick, but there are people out in boats trying to clean it up.

We spent an hour or two in the pools at the hotel, too.  By that time, it was overcast but not raining anymore.

We went up and everyone showered and then we went to a burger place called Surf Burger.  I got a burger and sweet Hula chips.  They are made with sweet potatoes and have got to be the best thing ever in the world of french fries.  They were wonderful.

Then we drove to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.  It is a small zoo compared to the Fort Worth Zoo (which is where I usually go) but it was a neat place.

They had lemurs.

There were also goats, chickens, roosters, peacocks and peahens, guinea fowl, and a white turkey that just sort of ambled around. Technically, the goats were in pens, but that didn’t stop the kids from getting out and roaming.

And, of course, the evil giraffe, eating all the leaves off of the trees.

There were also guinea pigs, llamas, and bunnies, as well as tigers, a bear, a lion, an alligator, some camels, some hippos, primates…things that one would expect to find at a zoo, basically. I will be putting all of the pictures up on my deviantART page, but if I put them all up here, it would use up all of my upload space.

I will put up the barn owl, though, as he was so beautiful.

And one of the chimps, who was lounging all relaxed until he saw the camera, and then turned his back on us and refused to make photographing easy.

And the emu.

Pensacola, The First Night

•August 13, 2010 • 2 Comments

I would like to start this off by pointing out that B PUSHED me into the ocean.  Where the sharks live.  And that there were small soft-ish bits of seaweed that got stuck on my hair and clothes, which rendered me looking like a wet Mokey Fraggle.

Because of these actions, I was perfectly justified in practicing all of my throws on him.  I am pleased to say that I remembered most of them.  And that I invented a few brand new ones, all of which were perfectly useful in launching him into the water.  A couple launched me with him, but it was great fun.

I would also like to point out that my camera is the awesome, and CAN take pictures of the moon.

B And Their Little One

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I got to Conroe around 4-ish.  I love coming to visit B and Spacie and the little Gargie.  She is seven months old now and is such a character.

Spacie made this wonderful fried chicken battered panko and some delicious mashed potatoes and corn mixed with red bell pepper cubes for dinner.  It was absolutely fabulous.

We are going to Pensacola on Friday morning and I will be posting pics.  I also hope to get some art done, or at least get some stuff posted on my deviantART page.


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Bannon is completely content with the fact that I have moved back into a place of my own, but I am so sick of unpacking it isn’t even funny.  And I am going to have to either redo the way I arrange my books, or I am going to have to buy another bookcase.  (Twist my arm, make me buy a new bookcase….)  I am to the point in unpacking where I don’t know what to do next, but I want the mess to be cleaned up.  I think if I could get rid of the empty boxes, it would be better.  I put some of them out in the storage closet on the balcony, and I think I can fit the rest in my closet.

The art area is starting to look like an art area, and I have the curtains up now, which helps with the apartment  getting hot in the evenings.  I really like this apartment (it is just a one bedroom in the same complex), it is just my size.  Now all that is left to do is, well, finish unpacking.  Why is it that the more I unpack the more I seem to have to do?  I won’t get done this week, as I am now in Conroe visiting B and Spacie and Gargie baby, but I will post pics when I am done.

On a different note, Crow LOVES the Fraggles.