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This page is all about the music of Jonathon C. York, who can play any instrument under the sun.  The first page you will find linked here is for his Winter 2004 Album.  The music on this page is some of his older stuff (not the oldest stuff I have, just some of the older ones), but still very nice. I did not link every song because they are all on the same page, so to listen to them click on “Winter 2004 Album” below.  The song titles are just in case anyone is interested in what he is playing in each song.  There are no vocals on these as I was requested to not put those up yet, so everything below is instrumental.

Winter 2004 Album

Morning Song- Cedar flute, ocarina

Down to the River- Mountain Dulcimer, guitar, banjo

Cripple Creek- Banjo, guitar, violin, cello

Frankie & Johnny- Banjo, guitar, mandolin

Jed Clampett- Banjo, guitars, cello

Cantate Maria- Mountain Dulcimer, guitar, banjo, mandolin

Crane & Egret- Cedar flute, synth drum

Twelve O’Clock- Guitars, banjo

Arroyo Inundado- Guitars, cedar flute

Winter-Mandolin, cedar flute, violin, cello


Below you will find Jonathon C. York’s experiments with his new drum machine.

Now With Drums

Run Far, Run Fast-Sun drum, bass, guitar, fiddle, mandolin

Putt-Putt-Drum machine, guitar, bass

Stuck In The Mud-Guitar, bass, sun drum, cedar drum, corn shaker, agogo

Funk ‘N’ Wah-Drum machine, bass, guitar

Cactus Wren-Drum machine, guitar, bass, ocarina

Friar Tom Cat-Drum machine, bass, guitar

Jimmy Wah Wah-Drum machine, bass, guitar

Libration Point-Drum machine, bass, guitar

Pop Etude In D-Synth drum, bass, guitar


Below you will find Covers done by Jonathon C. York.  He didn’t write the lyrics, but he sang them and is letting me put them up, YAY.  The first one and the last two are my favorites (so far), but I really like all of them.  And, yes, that is him on all the vocals on “I’ll Fly Away” (the first one).  That one is also the oldest of the seven (they are not all one the same disk, and, in fact, “I’ll Fly Away” is actually on Winter 2004, it was just omitted because he wasn’t sure he wanted vocals up).


€ I’ll Fly Away-Banjo, vocals

~ Seagull-Guitar, mandolin, cello, vocals

* The Only Living Boy In New York-Cedar flute, banjo, classical guitar, bass,vocals

* America-Turtle shell rattle, hickory flute, classical guitar, bass,vocals

+ The Fool On The Hill-Classical guitar, cedar flute, vocals

* Why Don’t You Write Me?-Guitar, claves, vocals

^ Hallelujah-Cello, guitar, cedar flute, bass, vocals

€ original by Albert E Brumley 1929
~ original by Bad Company 1974
* originals by Simon and Garfunkel 1968,1970
+ original by The Beatles (Lennon/McCartney) 1967
^ original  by Leonard Cohen 1984


Below you will find the original works of Jonathon C. York’s Big Cabin.

Big Cabin

Radiator Whiskey-Drum machine, agogo, guitar, bass

Fits And Starts-Guitar, bass, synth drum

Dotted Yellow-Guitar, bass, synth drum

The Dreaming Cave-Guitar, bass, synth drum, cedar flute

Miles To Go-Guitar, bass, synth drum


Below you will find covers and, unless otherwise noted, original works by Jonathon C. York.

Two Thirds Covered

€ Where The Streets Have No Name-

The Underpass-

~ Peter Gunn-

Baby’s Baby-

* Once Upon A Time-

+Don’t Answer Me-

€ original by U2, Bono (Paul David Hewson) 1987
~ original by Henry Mancini 1958
* original by The Pogues (Jim Finer) 1993
+ original by Alan Parsons Project (Alan Parsons) 1984

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