Vacation Time! Day Two

We slept later this morning than I had planned, I wanted to be up before 9 and we didn’t quite make it. So, instead of going down to the lobby and having a leisurely breakfast, we donned bathing suits and sunscreen and headed out to the beach.

I didn’t take my camera down to the beach because I didn’t want to have to watch it and I didn’t want it to get wet. I wish I had because as we were walking in the surf, I noticed that we were surrounded by a huge school of little fish. Then I glanced down and saw…something by my feet.
For those of you new to my world, let me explain. I love the ocean. I am scared to death of it. Mostly because of the sharks. So, upon seeing the something, we had a discussion about grabbing it and I told Pajamafin that he could pick it up. Good thing he didn’t because when he moved his foot, it swam away, revealing it to be a little sting ray. It swam away a little distance to join four or five others. And then the show began. The sting rays began to eat the little fish, some of the rays jumping out of the water to feed. It was so beautiful.
Then something stung me on the ankle. I never saw what it was, and it didn’t hurt, it just made my foot tingly. I started saying, “My foot feels funny”, and came out of the water. There was a short red welt across my ankle, and it never hurt, it just made my foot feel a little numb. It has now turned into a bruise. I have no clue.
After sting ray seeing fun, we went back up to the room and changed. Then we went down to the marina. We were going to go deep sea fishing, but the rates were…well, more than we wanted to pay, so, instead, we reserved a couple of seats on the boat for Wednesday to go out and view dolphins. I have never done that before, so I think that it will be really fun.
After the marina we went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo. This is the second time I have been here, but it was Pajamafin’s first. There were a lot more peacocks this time around.

Including babies!

And albinos.

And there were two new little black bears besides the big one from last year.

We got surrounded by the peacocks while we were waiting on the train, and stayed long enough for me to draw one. As soon as I was finished with my sketch they took off, and we took a picture and got on the train.

We found some really beautiful peacock tail feathers while we were walking around, including two from the albino male, and when we tried to turn them in we were told that it was molting season for the peacocks and the zoo let us keep them. How cool is that?
After that we went back to the hotel, and changed for the beach. We went out and played in the ocean and collected some sea shells, and then went back to the room, where Pajamafin decided to go to the store to get sandwich fixings while I uploaded pictures off of my camera.
While he was gone a storm blew in.

And here are some from Pajamafin’s end.

The evening was spent watching the storm, eating sandwiches, and then watching some brothers catch wild animals and reptiles on t.v.
Good day.


~ by mexalapotis on June 13, 2011.

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