Where I Am Supposed To Be

I am supposed to be in Austin.  At the art show they are having this weekend.  A show that I had been looking forward to for two months.  A show that I was saving up my money to go to.


I went to the Fort Worth Zoo.

The reason for this is actually pretty simple.  Last week I got diagnosed with bronchitis, and was given some medicine and an inhaler.  I have been short of breath just loading the dishwasher at work for most of the week, and so when this morning came around, I said to myself, “Self, I am much too tired to drive all the way to Austin at 5 in the morning.  I am going back to sleep.”

And so I did. 

And when I woke up again at around 9:30, I still didn’t feel like driving to Austin, even though I think the art show would have been fabulous.  So, I got a friend, and dragged them to the Forth Worth Zoo instead.

Now, let me just say, the Fort Worth Zoo on a Saturday is a mad house.  I don’t know if every Saturday is as busy a today was or if they had a special show going on, but the parking lot was actually full.  I have never seen the enormous parking lot at the Fort Worth Zoo filled.  Today it was.

Let me pause for a moment to say this:  Parents who put those little leashes on their children.  Thank you.  Thank you SO much for the four hours of amusement you brought me as I watched you try to drag your child around like a puppy while your child decided to impersonate a cat on a leash and refuse to go where you wanted them to go.  It was awesome.

And the animals were fun too! 

I have pictures that will be used in some drawings very soon, but my camera and this computer do not like each other and tend to freeze one another up, so posting of those will have to happen later.


~ by mexalapotis on April 2, 2011.

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