The Gulf Breeze Zoo

We woke up this morning to rain and thunderstorms.

So……we went out into the ocean anyway.

The rain hits harder on the beach.  It felt like getting hit with small hail stones, and it was cold.  So, we went into the ocean to avoid the cold, and got tossed around in the surf.  I got my feet cut up and bruised, and a bruise on my shoulder from getting slammed into the beach by the waves, but, WOW, was it fun. There is oil in the ocean, it comes in in little balls of ick, but there are people out in boats trying to clean it up.

We spent an hour or two in the pools at the hotel, too.  By that time, it was overcast but not raining anymore.

We went up and everyone showered and then we went to a burger place called Surf Burger.  I got a burger and sweet Hula chips.  They are made with sweet potatoes and have got to be the best thing ever in the world of french fries.  They were wonderful.

Then we drove to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.  It is a small zoo compared to the Fort Worth Zoo (which is where I usually go) but it was a neat place.

They had lemurs.

There were also goats, chickens, roosters, peacocks and peahens, guinea fowl, and a white turkey that just sort of ambled around. Technically, the goats were in pens, but that didn’t stop the kids from getting out and roaming.

And, of course, the evil giraffe, eating all the leaves off of the trees.

There were also guinea pigs, llamas, and bunnies, as well as tigers, a bear, a lion, an alligator, some camels, some hippos, primates…things that one would expect to find at a zoo, basically. I will be putting all of the pictures up on my deviantART page, but if I put them all up here, it would use up all of my upload space.

I will put up the barn owl, though, as he was so beautiful.

And one of the chimps, who was lounging all relaxed until he saw the camera, and then turned his back on us and refused to make photographing easy.

And the emu.


~ by mexalapotis on August 14, 2010.

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  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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