Richard’s Real Life Nutrition

This little store is on Beltline right next to Tuesday Morning.  The two people who work there (don’t know if they own it or not) are some of THE NICEST people I have met.

I went into this store (which carries a lot of nutrition things and smells vaguely of alfalfa) to get some Savoy Sorbet (which they carry, in almost all of the flavors, for 2.99 each) and was helped by a VERY sweet older woman.  I ended up buying six (some for a friend, some to take with me on my trip) and when I carried them back to the counter the other person who worked there (who was on the phone) grinned at me.  They were both very nice, and both confessed that they were also addicted to these sorbets.  I do believe that this was the nicest errand I had to run today, and made me forget, for a moment, that I was tired and sore and generally not feeling well.  I think people forget what a difference a smile and friendly conversation can make.

For those in the area, the address is:

Richards Real Life Nutrition
3401 W. Airport Freeway
Irving, TX 75061
Across from the Irving Mall on Beltline Rd. next to Tuesday Morning.

I got there off of Beltline, just pulled in like I was going to Half Price, and then drove past to Tuesday Morning and it is a little shop right next to there.

AND the people there were so nice that I am going to go there for any other nutrition thing I might need (such as the vitamins I take to help with heart health and cranberry pills I take to help with the dreaded kidney stones).


~ by mexalapotis on August 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Richard’s Real Life Nutrition”

  1. Awesome; will keep this in mind for our nurtitional supplement needs. The Husband needs fish oil… And yes, a smile can go a LONG way.

  2. I went to Real Life Nutrition on a recommendation from a friend and I am very glad I did. Doug the manager was AWESOME he asked alot of questions, made some seggestions he even gave me a sample or two to try!! It was a great experience and I’m hooked!! Doug the cream you gave me for my muscle aches is wonderful!! Thanks for all the wonderful information!!

  3. what is the # to your store

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