Can’t Seem To Kick It

I don’t know if it is terminal exhaustion or what, but I’ve been under the weather, off and on, since the move.  I will feel fine one day, and the next be completely bleh.  I have waves of fatigue, slight headaches, slight nausea, and body aches, and, the weirdest one is, my voice keeps coming and going.  I sound like I have a 4 pack a day habit, and then I will sound completely fine (no voice today is why I haven’t called, Bunny, sorry).  I think that the headache and the voice thing is due to allergies, those are not symptoms I haven’t had before when having an allergy issue, but the other ones absolutely baffle.  If I were sick, I would be sick, and then get well.  So what is the deal with these here one day and gone the next symptoms.

Let’s just face it, I am a plague rat of strange and odd illnesses…  Even though I maintain I am not sick, I just don’t feel great.  In fact, even though there was no sub job today, so I should be busting my hump to get more stuff unpacked, all I really want to do is take a nap.  Instead, I put away the spices and tidied up the kitchen a little (haven’t done the dishes yet), unpacked and broke down a few boxes and hung more art on the walls.  And the final two string swings came in last night, so those went up as well.  We have a storage unit now, so I am thinking of getting it all together to truck over there later in the week.  THAT will be super helpful.  I am of the mind right now to just send everything, but if I do that I know I will regret it later.

AND I have a few sketches I want to do so that I can put them up later this evening on Dreamwood.

See, no time for feeling bad or napping.  Busy busy.


~ by mexalapotis on March 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “Can’t Seem To Kick It”

  1. Spring fatigue, I believe it’s called–all the stuff from winter is coming back to haunt us. Try to get some rest in between boxes–hope it’s nothing more serious!!

  2. Not really time for naps, but I did get much accomplished. But there isn’t any jobs for tomorrow so far, so maybe I will sleep in.

  3. I think Anna’s right about spring fatigue – add that to allergies and hay fever and lots on your plate and it’s no wonder you’re under the weather. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had the mysterious aches and exhaustion for a few days myself – maybe we’re sharing via internet? 🙂

  4. OH NOOOOS! We both have a nasty internet virus!
    hehe, knowing that someone else is feeling it does help. Which is probably really terrible to admit. Hope you are feeling better. If it makes you feel any better, Crow just fell off the windowsill for no apparent reason, shot Bannon a dirty look, and has now settled in the other windowsill, as indignant as Crow can be.

  5. Clearly Bannon’s psychic paw is growing in strength and range 🙂

  6. Clearly. So does that mean that I can blame for that cup of water that I clearly couldn’t have kicked over this morning? 😉

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